How often do you read that a golf tipster’s picks have enjoyed profits of +300 points since the start of the year – only to follow their tips for a month or two before concluding that you must have jinxed their winning run?

Well now you can compare their performance with every other tipster on the scene and put your money where the winning mouth really is.

Check out our Golf Tipster League to see who is performing and who isn’t.

As sports betting goes, golf is fairly unique; fields are huge and on any given week a long-odds outsider can (and often does) win. You may wait weeks between wins, but when you do they can be big because of the longer odds available for the savvy bettor.

In the long term you can make steady profits with the right level of research and a sensible staking plan.

While we still review golf equipment, golf books and visit an embarrassingly high number of European golf destinations, this blog remains true to its belief that golf betting tips should be free of charge, verifiable and, above all, well researched.

Please enjoy our website and back your golfers wisely!original-logos-2016-Mar-7945-11777214

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Ross has been content writing for over 5 years and originally designed this blog as a vent for his golfing frustrations. Now, long past the club-throwing and putting tantrums, he uses his golfing knowledge to research and advise on successful PGA and European Tour golf betting tips. He is a regular contributor to National Club Golfer magazine, YourCaddy magazine and Women & Golf magazine and creates content all over the web.