Category: Cool Golf Shit

From time to time, suppliers send me some cool golf shit to review. Some equipment is cool and others are just shit!

Lets Golf Simulator Review

I know what you’re thinking. Can a golf simulator replace the real thing? Well, no. But I say, can a golf day replace a few beers with your mates? Eh?

Shot Dead In The Head – Golf Tee Shirt

Golf has an image that can appear a little stuffy; all committee meetings, cups of weak tea, complicated rules, priority parking for the vice president’s Dalmatian, and in the worst cases, ‘no women allowed’ signs.

Nike – Show X2

Remember the 1980s when dinner was a regular parade of sausage & mash, liver & bacon or cottage pie? And your mum’s idea of a culinary adventure was spaghetti bolognese on Wednesdays.

Maui Jim – Mavericks

I loved Top Gun when I was a kid, back when Tom Cruise was a young Hollywood heartthrob and a walking, talking advertisement for the US Air Force.

Royal & Awesome – Eurostar Trousers

At some point you are going to see an overly colourful pair of trousers and say to yourself, in a style befitting Rob Newman and David Baddiel, “that’s me that is”. Perhaps it’s a midlife crisis, perhaps it’s your inner golf personality trying to escape like an axe-wielding Tyrion Lannister....

IJP Design Tartan Trouser Review

We review the latest Ian Poulter Tartan Golf Trousers and more items from the IJP Design 2015 Autumn/Winter Collection by taking them to the Links in one of the more remote golfing locations in England. See how IJP Design Golf Shirts and Sweaters fare when exposed to the North Sea elements.

The Eagle Has Landed: The 1981 Ryder Cup Dream Team

When Europe lined up alongside the USA in 1981, they were arguably facing the greatest Ryder Cup team ever assembled. The likes of Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Ray Floyd, Hale Irwin, Lee Trevino, Larry Nelson, Johnny Miller, Jerry Pate and current Open Champion Bill Rogers took centre stage at Walton...