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Read a good golf book recently? I have.

Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden

Misogyny. There’s a word you don’t hear in golf very often. So when I happened upon the title ‘Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden’ I was intrigued. Golf. Not egalitarian or socially inclusive? Noooo….

The Successful Golfer

It’s nearly end of the golf season, a time when many golfers clean their equipment, polish their shoes and store them in the closet for the winter. But there are also the hardy few that brave the British winter time to work on their games to try to get a lower handicap. They are the ones that play their winter league matches on frosty mornings and on sodden courses. And if you are one of those golfers, it might be just worth taking a look at The Successful Golfer by Dr. Paul McCarthy (a sports psychiatrist based at St Andrews) and Dr. Marc Jones (a leading golf consultant).

Tour Confidential: A Golfer’s Life on the Global Stage

Let’s start by getting things in perspective, Tour Confidential will not win the Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction and it’s content isn’t as sexy as Fifty Shades of Green – Love in the Greenkeeper’s Shed. But what Ewan Porter successfully does, where few others dare to tread, is to recount, often painfully, an insight into life as a touring pro and how his own youthful dreams of knocking Tiger Woods off his perch turned, a short time later, into a refusal to set foot back on the golf course.

The World’s Greatest Golf Courses on Google Earth

This is a unique look at some of the world’s most iconic golf courses. As its name suggests, it takes its perspective not from ground level, as is usually the case for most golfers, but from the air. It provides us with a wholly complete, birdie and eagle view of 30 of the world’s favourite courses.

The Great Golf Marathon of 1938

Jim Ducibella has brought alive the forgotten story of James Smith Ferebee and the greatest golfing marathon ever played out. The year is 1938 and Ferebee, widely regarded as the quickest golfer at Olympia Fields, makes a bet with his friend Fred Teurk. This is ‘The King of Clubs, The Great Golf Marathon of 1938’.

Golf’s Sacred Journey: seven days at the links of Utopia

The story is about a pro who, in a fit of haste and self loathing, happens on a small Texas hill country town. There he meets Johnny, an ex pro golf teacher turned rancher. At Johnny’s behest the pro lets Johnny ‘teach’ him for the next seven days, with the guarantee he will ‘find his game’. David L. Cook offers us golfing salvation of our soul in Golf’s Sacred Journey: seven days on the links of Utopia.