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Every now and then I have an opinion on something…so it’s lucky I have a golf blog I can use as a loud speaker.

How To Play Golf In The Rain

There are no shortcuts in golf. It takes practice and commitment to get better. So why let a little thing like the weather get in the way of your golf? We have teamed up with UberGolf to offer you a complete guide on how to play golf in the rain

Tiger Woods Career Highlights

Tiger Woods is the All-Time Hall of Famer in Golf. He is known the world over, regardless of your country or whether you actually like golf, and remains a sporting icon to many. Here’s a look at his career highlights.

The OT: Top 10 Shit Putters On Tour

Have you ever wondered how bad a pro’s putting has to be in order to be be considered, statistically, the worst putter on Tour? I have, and I found out who they are too. Here is the top 10 shittiest putters list from both the PGA and European Tours in 2015 and why I found out.

Spieth Denies Golf Fans Rivalry

Let’s see a show of hands…who thought after 2014 and Rory McIlroy’s two majors that we were in for a period of Wee Man domination? Then there was 2015, dominated by Spieth’s incredible major performances and Jason Day throwing in a late season show.